Multi account and currency support

You can create as many accounts as you wish in more than 150 worldwide currencies. Transfers between accounts, including those with different currencies, are supported as well. We think these features are necessary part of every flexible personal finance software.

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Great cashflow reporting

Either you want to see you cashflow in a table or in a graph, on monthly or yearly basis, all these features are there. Moreover, you can categorize your income and expenses and see your money flow through the optic of categories and subcategories.

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Easy money tracking & budgeting

One of our main goals has been to make the application very intuitive with friendly and good-looking user interface. Therefore, you can start to work with it immediately after you install it without any previous knowledge.

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Planned and recurrent transactions support

Our personal finance software works both as income/expenses and budget planner. You can create any number of transactions, plan your transactions to the future and create recurrent transactions with daily, weekly or monthly patterns.

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